Wedding in Mykonos

This year I had the opportunity to meet two fantastic young people, Spyros and Rossella. They work in easyjet and came from Rome to get married in Mykonos a place they both love. Their wedding took place in beloved Mykonos at the Myconian Collection Elia Hotel. I arrived at the island one day before the wedding and I had the chance to be accompanied by my good friend Adrian Wood, along with the Manos Mandilaras cinematics video group. We all spent the entire first day with the couple and their friends, who had arrived from every part of the world, at Aperanto Galazio in Ornos Beach, where the wedding planner, Margarita, had organised a white party! The wedding day was just like the day of the party, with lots of fun, laughter, joy, teasing and a lot of Salsa…We had an amazing time with Spyros and Rossella and those who had come to honour the couple.
Spyros and Rossella, I wish you all the best in your life and may you always be as happy and content as you were when I met you.
The wedding reception took place at the wonderful Myconian Collection Utopia and the wedding was organised by Margarita Samanoglou ofΒ  Dream your Wedding in Mykonos.




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