Yiannis Sotiropoulos

Hello to the lovely couples planning their destination wedding in Greece and Europe!
My name is Yiannis Sotiropoulos.
I am a professional and well known wedding photographer based in Nafplio, Greece.
I was born and brought-up in Nafplio, Greece.
Photography has always been my hobby, my passion and I decided to work on it professionally in 2010. My journey started as a wedding photographer in Nafplio, Greece.I am one of the lucky ones who have managed to turn their passion into a profession and that is why I enjoy every minute of it.
As a photographer I like to capture unique moments in every wedding and use my camera to reveal each couple's story through real moments and authentic feelings. I usually urge all couples to "live and enjoy the moments to the fullest" because true feelings always show a wonderful and unique picture of a "precious moment".

Wedding photography is just like the day of your wedding: UNIQUE!

Every couple has a different story to tell, every wedding offers different memories that last for a lifetime. Memories full of true emotions and strong feelings. That is what I want to keep alive for all of you – the wedding couple, the family and friends.

My passion is to capture the beauty of the moments you live and of the people you share your life with, through my point of view, taking photos of these precious moments but with a twist. Photos that will stand out and remind you every aspect of this memorable day. There is nothing that I love more, than taking pictures of happy, smiling people, thus becoming part of their story.

Choose your destination wedding in Greece, Greek Islands, Italy, UK or any location in Europe and my lens will be there, ready to seize and hold your moments vivid through time.

To be chosen as the photographer who will depict your wedding memories, would be a great honour.

I will come with an open heart to tell your romantic story through natural and alive photos that will depict your wedding’s spirit and you will cherish for the rest of your lives.