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Words are not enough to describe this couple and their friends… George and Katerina came to Syros to get married, along with their friends who came to celebrate and honour this marriage. The party was unbelievable…everyone enjoyed themselves until the first morning light, they danced, had their drinks, laughed, and even got into the sea for a swim! Of course a significant part of the success is attributed to Christy Lagiou who organised the event perfectly to the last detail. George, Katerina thank you very much for having such a great time with you. May you live a nice life and always be that happy!!


Dusan and Alexandra, two amazing people, a wonderful couple. They got married at the picturesque island of Syros and they enjoyed it to the fullest. Alexandra and Dusan made me feel as if I was a really close friend and during the stroll we had around Ermoupolis we had a great time and a whole lot of fun. How beautiful images!
The entire concept was guided and organised by the amazing Christy Lagiou.
Dusan, Alexandra thank you for your trust and your incredible spirit. I wish you all the best and I hope to see you again soon!


Pavlos & Venetia came to Nafplio for their wedding. Amazing wedding with great people who came all over the world to celebrate with them! I really enjoyed every minute of it.  Ceremony took place at Pangitsa a church in the old city and the reception at Fougaro, Pavlo, Venetia, thank you for everything!  DON’T FORGET TO WATCH THE SLIDESHOW with Full story at the end of this post !!!! Enjoy….


See full story here…




Max and Iria came to Greece and got married at Syros, the wonderful capital of Kyklades islands! There have been quite a few times that interesting and unique things happen while I work, which make me feel fantastic for the experiences that I gain each time! The unique feature in this wedding is that there were two ceremonies, in two different churches, that is a Catholic and an Orthodox one. Fantastic people, beautiful scenery, picturesque island and amazing partners. Christy Lagiou  organised once again a fairytale wedding, taking place at Evangelistria Church (the Catholic ceremony) and at St Nikolaos Church(the Orthodox ceremony). The wedding reception that took place at Asteria was highlighted by the tango the newlyweds danced after cutting the cake.
Max, Iria I wish you all the best in your life and thank you for trusting me.



This year I had the opportunity to shoot a couple that left Cardiff, where they live, in order to get married in Nafplio. I first met Jenny and Lefteris in April and immediately realised how simple and pleasant people they are. I felt very cosy and comfortable with them from the beginning and I was looking forward to their wedding, which took place at Vouleftiko, one of the most historical buildings in Nafplio. The wedding reception followed at Fougaro, a really wonderful venue in town. Jenny, Lefteris thank you for choosing me for your wedding. I wish you all the best in your life.


Thank you!

Two beautiful people Arden & Sophia come from Chicago to get married in Sophia’s hometown Marathopoli in Peloponnese. Their beautiful wedding was very well organized by Style Concept and Nena Papadopoulou.

Arden, Sophia, wish you all the best for your life and thank you for trusting me to photograph your wedding.

Maria and Yiorgos are two dear friends of mine and when the time came for them to get married, I was more than willing to be their photographer! To my assistance came my good friend Sergio Cueto from Madrid and the event turned out to be a really amazing experience for all of us…. The couple enjoyed every moment and had fun with their friends! It was one of those times that you feel everything was perfect… Their romantic wedding took place at the church of Agioi Anargyroi at Acronafplia, a picturesque location at the olf town of Nafplio, and the reception that followed was at the Agamemnon Pallas at Mycenae.
George, Maria may you always have such a wonderful time and everything you wish for!


Η Μαρία και ο Γιώργος είναι δύο αγαπημένοι μου φίλοι και όταν έφτασε ο καιρός να παντρευτούν με μεγάλη μου χαρά ανέλαβα να φωτογραφίσω το γάμο τους! Μαζί μου φωτογράφισε, ο καλός μου φίλος από τη Μαδρίτη o Sergio Cueto και πραγματικά ήταν μια πάρα πολύ όμορφη εμπειρία για όλους μας… Το ζευγάρι, απόλαυσε την κάθε στιγμή και διασκέδασε με τους φίλους του! Είναι πραγματικά από τις φορές που νιώθεις ότι όλα κύλισαν τέλεια… Ο γάμος έγινε στους Άγιους Ανάργυρους στην Aκροναυπλία… πραγματικά μια υπέροχη τοποθεσία στην παλιά πόλη του Ναυπλίου και η δεξίωση ακολούθησε στο Αγαμέμνων Παλλάς στις Μυκήνες!
Γιώργο, Μαρία να περνάτε πάντα υπέροχα και να έχετε ότι επιθυμείτε!